Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How to raise kind Children?

If you want to raise children in the right manner, it is good to be aware of the things that could go wrong with. For instance, some of the children have the tendency to be unkind to other children, especially when it comes to riding on the cars. Therefore, it is necessary for the parents to treat them with kindness, so that children would also adopt this quality by making it part of the personality. This is not to say that mere preaching the children to be nice can make all the difference, however, if you try different strategies, the job can become easy for you.

Not putting-Down Policy: It may not seem very effective to you, however, if you make the children realize the negative implications of putting down the kids, it may become easy for them to be kind to them. For instance, children have the potential to pick on each other on the basis of apparent traits or features. And if your child is one of them, he/she may do that with you too if you don’t pay attention to children and how they are treating children.

Identifying Friendly Behaviors: Helping children to differentiate between acting like a good friend and a bad one can play a role in making them ready to not only socialize with people but in making friends as well. Similarly, the qualities of being confident and loyal will be garnered once they learn to be kind to them. Therefore, it is pertinent to make the children aware of the friendly behavior and how can it be improved should also be your concern.

Set a Good Example: Though children should be your concern, however, if you don’t practice these values and expect them to adopt them without questioning it, you may be disappointed. This means that if parents can attempt to be kind to whoever they meet, the role of preaching would be reduced to a large degree, but if you don’t practice the values or set a good example, it may become hard for you to fix the children in this regard.

Familiarity with Diverse Crowd: Some of the experts believe that if children are exposed to the diverse crowd, it can help to introduce them to different cultures and customs and it directly contributes to increasing the rate of acceptability in children. In other words, if you can encourage the children to go to a school that has diverse population than the familiar environment, it may help them to grow more and be kind to children.

Educational Toys: If your children are too young to go school, the educational toys can help to acquaint them with the ideas of kindness and its value. For instance, the best way is to pick those toys which are of a different kind and lays stress on being kind. Likewise, games can be played that would nurture the potential of your child to be nice to fellow humans.

Spending Time with Grand Parents: Most of the kids like to spend time with the grandparents, however, if you don’t want to leave the children at their place, or if it is hard for you to go to your parents house, you should know how valuable the time spent with grandparents can be, especially for the kids. For instance, if you can recall, you probably have good memories of your childhood and the time spent with grandparents is one of the cherished memories for many people. Therefore, if you also provide the children the privilege of spending time with the grandparents, the problems of unkindness can be managed to an extent.

Animals and Pets: If your child likes to keep a pet, it is good to allow them to do so because it will not only make them responsible in terms of taking care of another living being, the qualities of kindness can be improved. The main idea is to make them take care of the animals in terms of staying in touch with the softer side, which will help them to remain kind to children as well. It is not necessary to opt for one specific type of pet, if you can consider the choice of the child; it would be the best option rather than imposing your will on them.

Open Mind: If one attempts to narrow down the traits of those who are unkind, the ability to look at things from a narrow perspective is probably one of them. This means that if you want to make your children kind individuals, it is best to treat them in the way which would make them open minded. For instance, you can encourage them to accept the differences and learn to enjoy it rather than developing the hatred for it. Likewise, you can help them see the unknown aspects of various issues to develop a rich or deep understanding of things.

Freedom: Whenever experts talk about the freedom, it is taken in the wrong context. This is not to say that freedom is not necessary or that they are wrong, rather the main aim is to make it clear that freedom within specific scenarios in a responsible way can make your children kinder. However, if you don’t pay attention to your kids, the negative effects of giving too much freedom to kids may become dominant. This is why it is important to be very careful with it because if it’s not regulated, the children may become rebellious.

Tolerance: You are not only expected to make your children kind to others, but the quality of tolerance is another interrelated aspect, which may play a facilitating role. For instance, if your children can’t show tolerance for different individuals, it may become hard for you to help them be kind to them. This implies that if you want the children to be kind to others, it is best to promote the two values together, as the combination of two values can make them better individuals in addition to contributing to the society at the collective level.

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